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Glossary of Real Estate Terms. Find terms used in real estate transactions.

10 Things a Lender Needs From You

1. W-2 forms or business tax return forms if you're self-employed for the last two or three years for every person signing the loan.

2. Copies of at least one pay stub for every person signing the loan.

3. Copies of two to four months of bank or credit union statements for both checking and savings accounts.

4. Copies of personal tax forms for the last two to three years.

5. Copies of brokerage account statements for two to four months, as well as a list of any other major assets of value, e.g., a boat, RV, or stocks or bonds not held in a brokerage account.

6. Copies of your most recent 401(k) or other retirement account statement.

7. Documentation to verify additional income, such as child support or a pension.

8. Account numbers of all your credit cards and the amounts of any outstanding balances.

9. Lender, loan number, and amount owed on other installment loans, such as student loans and car loans.

10. Addresses where you have lived for the last five to seven years, with names of landlords if appropriate.

Handouts for Consumers: For Buyers

How much do I offer when Buying a home?
You sometimes hear that the amount of your offer should be a certain percent below the seller's asking price or another amount less than you're really willing to pay. In reality, the offer depends on the basic laws of supply and demand: If many buyers are competing for a home, then sellers will likely get full-price offers and sometimes more. If demand is slow, then offers below the asking price may be in order.

Tips to Increase Your Home's Value When Selling!!

Follow these simple steps to dramatically increase your home's value. Though some seem to be common sense, you'd be surprised to know how many homeowners miss these simple, but powerful ways to increase their home's value!

  • Clean Up the Clutter - The best investment you can make in your home value improvement is a box of trash bags. By collecting leaves, weeds, and other exterior detractors you can increase your home value. The same rule applies for the inside or your home. Pack up as many loose items as you can and make sure there is no debris scattered in any area of your home.
  • Keep it Clean... Really Clean! - How many times have you been to a home where the walls were darkened with dirt or everything was coated with dust? What did you think? Imagine what prospective buyers will think! Even if you aren't a clean person by nature, make the extra effort to keep your home spotless, it's well worth the effort to increase your home's value!
  • Improve Like a Buyer - If you want to make the most of your home improvement budget, make sure it is spent on projects that can be easily seen. This means starting on the outside and working your way in. For instance, you should landscape the lawn, repave the driveway, or even put up new siding before laying new carpet or repainting the walls.
  • Keeping it Fresh - There are more senses to consider besides the sight of your home. Consider your future buyer's sense of smell. Consider using air fresheners and other household products to keep your home smelling fresh and clean. This can dramatically increase your home's value with minimum investment.
  • Wide Open Spaces - People like open, well lit areas. Make sure to rearrange your furniture to allow for the most efficient use of space and let the light shine in from the windows!

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